Delivery and Ordering

All delivery applies only to mainland, Singapore.
Please allow a grace period of up to 30mins for unpredicted traffic jams or difficulty in locating site.

Standard Delivery
$20 per trip/location (excludes CBD areas).
$5 surcharge for CBD areas. 
Flexible timing slots from 10am to 8pm.

Early/ Late Delivery
$30 per trip/location
$3 surcharge for CBD areas.
For delivery timings after 6am to before 10am/ after 8pm to 11pm.

Terms and Conditions:
All delivery charges are not refundable after confirmation.
Redirection surcharge at $10 per trip/location.
Redelivery is not applicable. 

For online orders:

1) Email us your order item to
(do provide your name, contact number, delivery date - at least 2 working days grace)

2) You will receive an email order notice reply from us

3) Payment by cash upon delivery